Long-awaited news about Elon Musk was confirmed during a Twitter exchange with Indian entrepreneur Kunal Shah, who asked the busy CEO how he could manage so many different companies.

The conversation took place on Friday night after the founder of credit payments app CRED asked Musk, one of the central figures behind companies Tesla, Pay-Pal, Space-X, Neuralink, The Boring Company and Solar-City, how he does this?

Musk, 49, without missing a beat, took the opportunity to come clean about his true identity. I am an alien, he wryly responded. Needless to say, the banter triggered a slew of memes, with many laughing about the world’s “Worst kept Secret.”

Is that why you’re building a Spaceship. To get back to your home planet, asked one Twitter user? If one was to be dating an alien and they break up, would that make the alien their Space ex?

Musk is known for his prolific and sometimes precarious market-moving tweets, dubbed ‘The Musk effect.


The combination of an itchy trigger finger speculating about Crypto-Currencies and a penchant for memes and trolling, has set both crypto- and stock markets alight in recent weeks, especially against a backdrop of the Game-stonks saga.

Most of the tech is from the military, all of the tech developed is FOR the Pentagon. It’s been the case for all the so called private enterprises from Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.

Everything from the internet to our phones is military tech just handed to these placeholder companies, the so called elites. For example, Facebook was a CIA database used to track black radicals in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Being the front man for a bunch of bankers can obviously impair your mental health and cause interesting variations of illusions de grandeur and ridiculous narcissism.

But in the end he doesn’t do it! It is the state and other engineers that run the company. Elon is just a face. If Musk were smart he wouldn’t try to build the new hyper-loop.

However, when, President Reagan was addressing the United Nations @ the time, he was making some comment about Aliens already being among us, and I believe they are among us?

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Game Stop News 2021.

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Johnny be Good
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