Democracy is not on the agenda for the President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, after he has proven to have no interest in the country, because he seems to be only thinking about his power and his own capitalist derailing interests.

The spending cuts, unveiled by President Lenin Moreno last week include elimination of state fuel subsidies – which has already resulted in fuel prices more than doubling.

In an attempt to quell the unrest, Moreno issued a 60-day state of emergency decree late last week, yet the crisis continued and the government was ultimately forced to move out of the capital city of Quito to the southern coastal city of Guayaquil on Monday.

Inept policies are to blame for the turmoil in the country. The former president, Rafael Correa said that the protest is a result of Moreno’s abrupt shift to neo-liberal policies and his turning to the IMF for “help”.

[Moreno] thought he could create something new and better, but he only managed to destroy the lives of the people. We’ve left Ecuador’s economy growing and the growth continued up to 2017-18. But this year, stagnation awaits us,” Correa said.

The very decision to strike a loan deal with the IMF was based on lies, Correa argued, as the country’s government tricked the public, painting the economic situation worse than it was in reality and exchanged Wikipeida leader, Assange in London for the loan.

The government’s austerity measures – required by the IMF – are not actually invoked by any real factors, except for bad decision making by the government.

The current government, however, has seemingly opted for quelling unrest by force instead of invoking these provisions, fearful of losing their grip on power.

Demonstrators clashed with police officers during a protest against austerity measures in Quito, Ecuador on October 8, 2019.

Moreno enjoys a cozy relationship with the country’s media, being complicit in the deteriorating situation through silencing the anti-government protesters and “distorting facts.”

The ex-president said the people have seen through these lies and are angry with the media and its selective coverage. The protesters have been spotted carrying banners targeting not only the government, but the media as well.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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