While French authorities are on high alert due to Yellow Vests protests all across the nation, similar rallies have started in the Netherlands.

There are many factors why people are wearing the yellow vest. Holland, for example, is a very corrupt country. Everything is “being put under the rug”. Now the Dutch want their government to resign.

The Yellow Vests rallies in France started out as a protest against the increased fuel tax. In Holland it’s not the issue.

The leader of the group in Maastricht was caught by undercover cops while an other protester was filming the harassment, because those cops did not want to be on camera, so they confiscated the video.

The Dutch royal secret services destroyed the arrest that was filmed, and the other films were kept on camera. Only the arrest was wiped out and taken away.

More people are aware of the yellow vests, not only because what’s happening in France, Sweden, Canada or in Belgium, it’s still in its early stages, but it’s growing.

The media is trying to project it as a “right-wing movement” or “left-wing movement”. It depends on what kind of media you look at. For the media, it’s hard to define what this movement is, because it’s so differential.

There are so many factors why people are protesting, one is protesting against corruption, and the other is protesting about high costs of living and massive flow of refugees that come into the country. So it’s very diverse, and the media can’t really get a grip on it and censor it the way the government wants to.

Today, thousands of French protesters took to the streets in the fifth weekend of Yellow Vest demonstrations against Emmanuel Macron’s dictatorial government, with 70,000 police officers being deployed ahead of the protests.

Five topless women showed up at the Champs Elysée in Paris as part of the ongoing Yellow Vest demonstration, called Acte 5, pushing for Macron Démission (Macron’s Resignation).

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Revolution News 2018.

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