The Westerners were told fables about their own noble deeds performed in the plundered lands. Everything had to be clear and simple: Virtuous Europeans were civilizing savages and spreading Christianity, therefore, in fact, saving those dark poor primitive souls.

Of course, tens of millions were dying in the process, while further tens of millions were shackled and brought to the “New Worlds” as slaves. Above all, they hate real victims: those they have been murdering, raping, plundering and insulting, for decades and centuries.

Gold, silver, and other loot, as well as slave labor had been (and still are) paying for all those European palaces, railroads, universities and theaters, but that did not matter, as the bloodshed was most of the time something abstract and far away from those over-sensitive eyes of the Western public.

Westerners like simplicity, particularly when it comes to moral definitions of “good and evil”. It matters nothing if the truth gets systematically ‘massaged’, or even if the reality is fully fabricated. What matters is that there is no deep guilt and no soul-searching.

Illusions :

Western rulers and their opinion makers know their people – their ‘subjects’ – perfectly well, and most of the time, they give them what they are asking for. The rulers and the reigned are generally living in symbiosis.

They keep bitching about each other, but mostly they have similar goals: to live well, to live extremely well, as long as the others are forced to pay for it; with their riches, with their labor and often with their blood.

Culturally, most of the citizens of Europe and North America hate to pay the bill for their exotic lifestyles; they even detest to admit that their life is extremely eccentric.

They like to feel like victims. They like to feel that they are used. They like to imagine that they are sacrificing themselves for the rest of the world.

Back to the Future :

Recent refugee crises showed how the Europeans feel for their prey. People who made them rich and who lost everything in the process are humiliated, despised and insulted. Be they Afghans or Africans, the Middle Easterners or South Asians.

And all this is exactly how the capitalist business really works. With the deception and destruction as their main tools, while fake news propaganda machines will echo the sounds of madness into the grilled brains to create mass hysteria to profit from.

Today, the tourism industry is the most favorite playground for the criminals to operate, calling themselves, developers and entertainers.

Hotels, restaurants and casino’s function as the laundry rooms for these evil entities to profit from, using human-trafficking rings to further enslave the poor to improve materialist income.

ABC / AA Magnum Analyst Blog Site News 2018.

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19-02-20 01:04

The Dutch got rich robbing their colonies or using them as slave trade stations.

16-03-20 18:16

For over 500 years now?

Mark Rutte
Mark Rutte
16-07-20 13:45

Break out of the chains, not so fast said the colonizer.