The objectivity of the Dutch conclusions might be doubtful as evidence of the MH-17 crash remains inconclusive. The Dutch investigators presented a specific model to confirm a supposed simulation of a Buk missile attack and ignored all the other evidence.

Three elements of fuselage fragments were not considered as evidence, because the damage to these fell outside the cooked-up theory.

The roof of the pilots cabin, the left board with marking only, and the left side of the airliner board, were all left out and kept absent during the investigation.

The technical elements presented by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) do not add up. This is the first time in the aviation history that not all fuselage fragments were used for evidence to form a conclusion?

Also the other evidence regarding the fact that the Donbass freedom fighters were using a Buk system to shoot MH-17 out of the air remain highly untrustworthy.

The Ukrainian militia does not have anyone capable of operating a high-tech system like a BUK missile unit, and Russian army did not use the BUK 9M-38 missiles in 2014  anymore.

The most compelling evidence so far is that a BUK missile couldn’t have been used to down MH-17, because BUK system needs three vehicles (Command, Radar & Buk missile units) manned by experts to operate a possible BUK missile launch.

Not to mention the eyewitness reports of Ukrainian military jets tailing the MH-17 Boeing-777 at the time.

Or could the Ukrainians have mistaken the MH-17 passenger jet with Putin’s Ilyushin IL-96-300 plane, which was flying in the same corridor at the time and having the same colors?

Were the Ukrainians trying to murder the Russian president at the time, and exactly why are the Dutch covering up for them remains to be questioned. The Russians versions of many events proved to have been right all the time over the past decade and half.

After all Moscow gets it right time and time again, while the West have been proven to be a bunch of liars, using their Zionist lobbies to pull their strings in order to stir up WW III.

Pravda / AA Magnum News 2018.

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24-03-21 13:14

The Dutch are the worst trust-able society on planet Earth, now they even started preying on their own citizens?