The Dutch government is the most corrupted in the world, and it is now considering banning new diesel and gas vehicles by 2025.

The proposal, initially offered by the Labor Party, originally called for a complete ban on gas powered vehicles, but was later modified to apply only to the sale of new vehicles.

However, the boom in lithium mining is irreversibly destroying the local environments in the world. Mining for lithium means means removing large amounts of water, which means depleting the water supply for citizens.

However, science has already proven that electric cars do not lower the average carbon footprint at all, but the industry needs to make money, so laws are changed to favor the income of the capitalist endeavor.

Besides these facts, a person flying in a airplane creates 10 times more carbon pollution as using a petrol driven vehicle. Unfortunately, this is how modern commercialized capitalism works. Money, money, money.

BMW and Jaguar Land Rover have followed Volvo in announcing plans to switch over to producing exclusively electric and hybrid cars, forcing the car industry and more manufacturers to completely ditch petrol and diesel engines in the next decade.

BMW and Jaguar Land Rover announced that they were both planning to phase out the production of petrol and diesel engine cars. It follows Volvo’s decision earlier this year to switch over to entirely producing electric or hybrid cars by 2020.

Other European car manufacturers are now set to follow suit. One of the factors driving the change was that the European Union was bringing in much tougher standards on carbon dioxide emissions in 2021.

Companies will face fines if they don’t hit the targets and this will especially hit the German manufacturers, who produce bigger cars with bigger engines. However, the the infrastructure for electric cars was not keeping up with the increase in sales.

People  who have bought electric cars and who have been driving electric cars are struggling to find charging points. Even worse is that the power for electricity comes from the extremely polluting coal industry.

The technology had also improved massively in recent years and the cost of electric cars was also falling as cheaper batteries became available.

The British government planned to ban the sale of traditional cars in 2040 and the Scottish government had set an even earlier deadline of 2032.

One in three cars in Norway are electric, thanks to generous tax incentives for people who purchase electric vehicles. Norway is also home to Europe’s first Tesla supercharging stations. Paris enforced a ban on all cars made before 1997 in June.

Batteries are one of the worse polluters to nature nowadays, but the money has to continue rolling towards the elite and their double standard schemes.

The hypocritical trend towards electric mobility is irreversible. But the hoax will happen in different ways and at various speeds in different parts of the world. The change in China is just one example,” said BMW director Klaus Frohlich.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Insane rulings wrecking society and businesses? Kind of a Corona thing.

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Idiots @ work!