The local governments and Dutch media propaganda machines have been advertising the initiative to go green in order to stop using fossil fuels and close the oil refineries, that now still support the islands economies.

The agreements with Venezuelan and Chinese investors must be broken in order to fulfill this vague promise. Because the largest polluter on the Dutch Caribbean Islandsis the ever expanding tourism industry, carbon footprint tax offers the best solution to combat excessive atmospheric apocalypse.

The aviation industry releases more deadly emissions into the environments compared to other sectors of the money laundering economies.

Together with the tourism business, they top the list of most devastating carbon footprint. In fact it is so bad that it wasn’t even taken into the Paris Agreements in order to avoid the collapse of world economies.

The average passenger flying for 4 hours deposits the same carbon emissions into the air as somebody who drives a car for one entire year.

Or in other words, an airline passenger deposits ten times the amount carbon footprint into the atmosphere. Imagine that!

However, one of the most advanced country’s that are taking the lead in tackling global warming emissions is Brazil. Tourists that visit various pristine parts of Brazil have to pay garbage and carbon footprint taxes to compensate the damage done to the environment.

For the ABC Islands to go green this example must be copied to minimize third party pollution in order to save the planet for our children and next generations left behind.

At the moment the PAR politicians are preparing to auction the island’s properties against the wishes of the voters in order to create a one billion fund to support CHATA and the tourism sector, instead of charging those businesses that do not support the taxpayer?

ABC Islands / AA Magnum Analyst News 2018.

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Khazarian Jew
Khazarian Jew
06-07-20 13:44

This way @ least governments get part of their costs paid back while fighting global warming. garbage tax is another way of equalizing the budget?

02-01-21 12:51

Only if its destroying the colonial opponents? Tourism and other Dutch industries will keep polluting the islands!