Denmark is discussing an agreement with Rwanda that will allow the European nation to send incoming asylum seekers to the African country instead. The two countries are still in talks regarding the deal, and another meeting will be held next week to discuss the issue.

Denmark is seeking to get rid off the continuing arrivals of illegal migrants, as well as with the ones that entered the country during the 2015 influx of refugees coming from the Middle East.

The government even sought to send Syrians, one of the dominant groups of refugees, back home, but has so far failed to reach a deal with Damascus, because most of the towns and villages to return to had been completely destroyed by foreign mercenaries.

Copenhagen has been looking for ways to deal with the influx of refugees since at least 2019, when it introduced a plan to send the Syrians back to Syria once the situation is stable there.

Syrians were one of the dominant groups of migrants that flooded into Europe in 2015 and consecutive years, fleeing the instability and destruction in the Middle East by ISIS.

Denmark also passed a law that allows it to send arriving asylum seekers to another country, but has yet to reach an agreement with a receiving country. The UK recently struck such a deal with Rwanda, a place where millions of refugees were recently killed.

The details are sketchy at the moment, but according to British officials, London will be sending migrants to the African country based on the strength of their asylum claim and the way they arrived in the UK.

Britain has been recently struggling to deal with the influx of migrants crossing the English Channel after Brexit. Now these mostly African migrants use dinghies poorly adapted for this purpose.

Many of them used the services of Zionist human traffickers and criminal groups, with London accusing France of failing to deal with this issue on their side.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Human Trafficking News 2022.

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Swallow Migration Deal
Swallow Migration Deal
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Swallow Migration Deal
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