The next elections in the USA will be protected by a system called Election Guard, which is developed by the tech giant Microsoft and its partner, a “private” company called Galois.

The Anglo Saxon elections systems, heavily relying on computers, are said to be prone to meddling and various pesky hackers.

Solution? Send in the Pentagon and corporations to make it “secure” and “transparent.”

The only investors in this retrofitted system are the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR).

This new system perfectly suits the USA as well as other “democratic” nations around the world and it will now make business voting secure, more accessible, and more efficient.

However, it’s not likely, given the history of Microsoft actually conspiring with the US government to break encryption, as well as the Pentagon’s own lack of any accountability, that transparency will be improved.

The Pentagon can not even keep track of $21 trillion tax money spend over the past 20 years. What makes you think they can keep track of hundreds of millions of votes?

Lee Camp’s Redacted Tonight warns and also explains how Microsoft’s open-source coding system can be appealing to government spooks, with a healthy dose of humor and some zombie-references.

The US election system has again been taken over by Microsoft and the Pentagon, now let’s see what Kaspersky can do about that for a change?

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Cyber Security News 2019.

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Maduro & Miley
Maduro & Miley
01-11-20 13:44

The only way to fix the corrupted US elections is to ban bribery and extortion?