The fascist government in Curaçao is planning to use taxpayers money to pay the salaries of greedy tax avoiding companies, driving the island into extreme poverty.

Budgetary austerity was already implemented some years ago, in order for the Dutch colonial invaders to profit from. The necessary tourism infrastructure was build with taxpayers money causing higher taxes, while employment income was frozen.

At the same time all the beautiful beaches were handed over to hotels, mostly blocking access for locals to visit their own coastline. Eco-terrorism has become the new trend for the parasites to launder their drugs money.

The other beaches were also confiscated by the authorities leaving control over the white sandy beaches to the businesses that rent parasols and chairs to the invasive tourists.

Mass tourism is a Nazi formula invented by the Hitler’s right hand propaganda man Joseph Goebbels. This process started in Paris in order to let rich German industrial do their shopping in the French capital.

Since the PAR was introduced into political scheme tens of thousands of locals were deported to Amsterdam with KLM/TUI, while replacement employment was made possible by human trafficking rings dominating the islands cheap labor force for the Dutch business men to profit from.

Now the government is seated and protected inside the walls of Fort Amsterdam in Willemstad wants to use one billion guilders of taxpayers money to pump it into the tourism industry again?

Meanwhile other unemployed local workers won’t get any help from their government, also forcing them to leave the island and never return, as the expensive costs of live cannot be covered with the frozen minimum wages.

This whole conspiracy is plotted in The Hague that misguides the people by acting that they are paying for the insolvent tourism sector. Bribery and extortion are tools used for the Zionist ethnic cleansing agenda.

Many heavily armed (semi) military units are patrolling the streets under the disguise of the Corona virus, which surprisingly have caused only one fatality on the Dutch Caribbean colonial island along the coastline of Venezuela.

The puppets masters in The Hague decide how the future of Curaçao will be outlined in an hostile evil attempt to get the African population out of their own environment.

The fake media will support and glorify the politicians that are on the take to guarantee their own future at the cost of their own people.

Traitors and Invaders / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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01-04-20 20:34

Robbing, roving and plundering the islands assets under the disguise of privatization?

Booby Trap
Booby Trap
02-04-20 11:43

As usual the politicians lie to the people, and that is easy to determine because at times of a total lock down, places like building deports (Kooyman) stay open, we know something does not add?

Talk of the Town
Talk of the Town
02-04-20 19:55

Extreme discriminatie van de bovenste plank. Nieuwe werkelozen krijgen wel geld en oude werkelozen niet. Die worden dus dubbel gestraft omdat zij nu ook weer buiten de boot vallen?

04-04-20 11:48

PAR wants to give 3.5 million to small local businesses, while the mass tourism factory’s get 250 million of tax payers money every month?