There is no denying that the Corona-virus pandemic has catapulted Cuba onto the world stage, based upon a comprehensive approach at home and upon the country’s emphasis upon education and healthcare access.

This has ensured nationwide care for Cubans while clinical trials are underway for the country’s production of vaccines, the only country in Latin America and the Caribbean to accomplish such a medical feat.

The inability of capitalist countries to provide equal access to healthcare is being challenged by Cuba – under blockade, boasting one of the best and most accessible healthcare systems.

At the session of the UN Human Rights Council, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez called for internationalizing medical cooperation, calling out the neo-liberal model practiced globally as the cause of social and economic crises exacerbated during the pandemic.

Privileging narrow interests over the general welfare will increase suffering and deaths, even in industrialized countries. The internationalization of cooperation is urgently needed.

It is necessary to fight for the establishment of a just, democratic and equitable international order. Governments worldwide have come under sharp criticism for the mishandling of Covid-19.

Recently, a spat between British-Swiss Astra-Zeneca and the EU made news when the company announced it would not be able to meet the stipulated supply of vaccines by the required deadline.

Cuba, which has faced almost six decades of the illegal US blockade on the island, is calling for political change both in terms of global cooperation.

The blockade, as Rodriguez pointed out, has not deterred Cuba from making inroads when it comes to the healthcare of its population and medical internationalism abroad. Take the example of Venezuela for instance, where Cuban doctors also help to keep Caracas and the countries citizens on its feet.

Despite ongoing US hostility, Cuba has announced it will be creating enough doses, 100 million to immunize its population and provide marginalized countries with access to the vaccines, which are less expensive and easier to transport than the other brands used in the Western world.

Cuba, mostly forgotten by the world unless mainstream media can run a story about how the socialist-driven economy needs to shift to capitalism, is at the helm opposing such exploitation.

The contradiction here is stark – the inability of capitalist countries to provide equal access to healthcare is being challenged by Cuba – under blockade, boasting one of the best and most accessible healthcare systems, and with the potential to address the gap in inequalities that rich countries have turned a blind eye to.

Not to mention that apart from nominating the Cuban medical brigades for the Nobel Peace Prize, there has been no concentrated international effort to confront the US regime about the illegal blockade imposed on the island.

That Cuba has managed such a feat, up against US hostility and international complacence, is in itself an accomplishment that no other country with easier access to trade has managed.

Strategic Culture / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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07-03-21 23:54

That is why Cubans are also good in sports event, like athletics, volleyball, boxing, baseball and so on.

19-10-21 12:16

That is not how the Zionist controlled Western world likes to see it?