The global governments and media have dumped the Corona-virus at the doorstep of many of the political, economic and social afflictions that are now ravaging much of the population. But, in reality they need to point the finger at themselves.

As the mainstream media saturates the airwaves with a daily overdose of Corona-virus fear porn, the majority of journalists have given their governments a free pass to enact any draconian measure they see fit.

From the closure of public beaches to forbidding power boats on waterways, the insanity seems to have no limits or logic. And as the media would have us believe, it was the Corona-virus that enacted these measures, as opposed to living, breathing, unthinking humans.

The Corona-virus single-handedly destroyed the global economy as only ‘essential’ businesses may continue to operate.

Thus, thousands of small businesses have been ordered shuttered, de facto destroyed, while countless numbers of people around the world have been ordered to ‘shelter-in-place’ with dwindling financial reserves.

This wanton destruction of a large swath of the economy is not due to bad government decision-making, at least according to the media, but Covid-19.

About 26 million Americans have lost their jobs to the Corona-virus. It could take two years for the economy to recover from the Corona-virus pandemic, screamed another headline.

Perhaps it was also the Corona-virus that decided that it would make perfect sense to keep the largest killing machines, like abortion clinics and state-owned liquor stores open during the pandemic, while shutting down houses of worship and gun shops?

Without the need for any public debate on the matter, it justifies every means to an end of life as we know it, including the destruction of civil liberties.

And just like post-9/11, when people question the draconian Corona-virus measures they are vilified and accused of being ‘conspiracy theorists’ and even ‘terrorists.’

The result of millions of people struggling to survive without employment and amid ‘shelter-in-place’ orders is a huge spike in the number of deaths from alcohol, drugs and suicide.


Now, there is more substance abuse, more overdoses, more domestic violence and neglect and abuse of children, serving the agenda of the evil elite that runs the world.

In other words, the death and destruction from the draconian measures enacted to defeat the Corona-virus, which never came remotely close to being as deadly as the experts predicted it would be, will prove deadlier than the disease itself.

Across the pond, Germans, for example, have watched in horror as their beloved Oktoberfest, the annual beer-drinking festival that brings in an estimated 1 billion dollars to the local economy, has been cancelled for the first time since World War II.

Today, masked drivers are literally passing out behind the wheel, inside of locked cars, due to a lack of oxygen, if not brains.

These days, members of the citizen Gestapo are peering through closed blinds, counting whether or not the neighbors have more than 10 people in their homes, which is enough to justify the police entering your home in New Zealand without a warrant.

Now that the world is staring down the double-barrel of yet another economic depression and all of its attendant symptoms, fear and hysteria continues to be in the driver’s seat.

Strategic Culture / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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01-06-20 19:28

Measures that take away our freedoms?