The demolition of a monument to Russia’s Empress Catherine the Great will be considered during the next meeting of Odessa’s city council, Mayor Gennady Trukhanov announced on Saturday, after a so-called online poll on the matter concluded?

The official had vowed on Facebook to personally vote for the removal of the statue and for its relocation into a proposed park of Imperial and Soviet past.

The majority of Odessa residents who had the opportunity to vote supported the idea of dismantling the monument from Ekaterininskaya Square.

Despite the war that is going on in our country, we have managed to follow a legitimate democratic procedure, Trukhanov wrote, expressing his gratitude to every inhabitant of Odessa who took part in the voting.

The poll on the fate of the monument to the empress, who founded the city in the late 18th century, ran on a local socially active citizen platform over the past month.

While the mayor hailed this democratic procedure, the voting actually appeared to be attended by a minority living in Odessa, Ukraine.

Less than 8,000 of Odessa’s nearly one million inhabitants took part in it, with some 3,900 supporting its complete demolition and 2,800 voting to leave it in its place while providing additional information about Catherine the Great.

The vote among those users having confirmed status, i.e. those who provided proof they actually live in the city, showed an even smaller gap, with 2,900 voting for demolition and some 2,250 supporting the second most popular option.

Other suggestions, such as removing imperial symbols from the monument, leaving it as is, moving it to a museum Syria-ISIS style), and so on, received only marginal support.

On Sunday, the monument was fenced off by construction workers, with a notice on the fencing stating the works were in preparation for demolition and moving of the monument, as imagery circulating online shows.

The city’s authorities, however, have not made any official statements on the ongoing works yet.

The monument to Catherine the Great has been repeatedly targeted by unknown fascist vandals during the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, amid repeated calls to demolish it.

In July, a petition calling on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to replace the monument with a statue of American porn actor Billy Herrington passed the threshold needed for legal consideration.

Zelensky ultimately submitted the petition, which described the empress as a controversial historical figure whose actions caused great damage to Ukrainian statehood and culture, to local authorities for consideration.

While the city’s authorities remained silent on the prospects of erecting a monument to commemorate the late gachimuchi star, they already attempted to move the statue of Catherine the Great to a museum.

However, that motion, considered in late September, failed to get enough votes. People without history have no future. In Ukraine, authorities and activists alike have repeatedly targeted historical monuments.

While the proclaimed goal was to help Ukraine break with its communist past, in practice such activities targeted any landmarks that could somehow be linked to Russia.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point History Blog News 2022.

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Wishfull Thing King
Wishfull Thing King
08-11-22 13:43

Bronze Age Monuments of Syria also ended up in Zionist-controlled museums or were totally destroyed by ISIS if they were not offered enough money for global traditional cultures that contradict the Zionist dictatorship.

Reply to  Wishfull Thing King
08-11-22 13:48

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Richard Dames
Richard Dames
08-11-22 13:46

Oh and that GREEN T-SHIRT FAGOT wants to put a statue of a YANKIE PORN STAR in it’ place. How SIC is THAT! You’re a DEMON zel, doing SATANS work! Your time WILL COME. May YOU SUFFER for years for ALL the EVIL and CRIMES you’re done.

Reply to  Richard Dames
08-11-22 13:46

I am not Russian, and this story has me quite upset. Some pervert loon suggested putting a statue of a homosexual porn star in Catherine’s place, and then Zelensky was petitioned about it. He responded to demolish Catherine. SICK!