A new study from the University of Chicago has revealed a rise in child labor in global cocoa production despite pledges by international companies to stop using cocoa harvested by children.

According to the study, commissioned by the US Department of Labor, more than two-fifths (43%) of all children aged between five and 17 in cocoa-growing regions of Ghana and Ivory Coast (the world’s largest cocoa producers) are engaged in hazardous work.

In total, an estimated 1.5 million children work in cocoa production around the world, half of whom are found in these two west African nations alone.

The report said the hazardous work includes the use of sharp tools, working at night, and exposure to poisonous agro-chemical products, among other harmful activities.

The overall proportion of children working has gone up by 14% in the past decade, said the report, noting that the increase was accompanied by a 62% rise in cocoa production over the same period.

Interventions to stem hazardous child labor in the cocoa sector should target new, emerging areas of production and focus on efforts to reduce exposure to the component parts of hazardous child labor.

According to Richard Scobey, president of the World Cocoa Foundation, the report shows that “there are today still too many children in cocoa farming doing work for which they are too young, or work that endangers them. The foundation represents companies handling about 80% of the world’s cocoa supply chain.

This all starts with the “Economic Hitmen” who destroy the countries financially or the corrupt puppet Governments that rich “1st world” nations set up to make a horrible mess of these countries in the first place.

Maybe in some cases it is covert military actions or other such things. The fact is that power and money seem more important than the health of children in far away lands in today’s world.

let’s hope the upcoming financial collapse can reign in all the horrible empires of the world, and let these countries find their own way that does not require serving western corporations.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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26-09-21 19:04

Most food- and mining related enterprises make huge profits using cheap (*child) labor in third world countries around the world.