Recent Israeli intelligence images suggest that Chinese surface-to-air missile systems previously stationed on Woody Island in the South China Sea have either been removed or relocated.

The Israeli military works together with other Zionist forces in order to keep control over their world-wide belongings. Everybody and every countries is expendable in order to keep the money flowing to the proper accounts.

The Paracel Islands are located (see image) within the exclusive economic zones (EEZ) between Vietnam and China.

Woody Island, the largest island in the disputed Paracel Islands chain, hosts several Chinese military installations, including systems for defending the island from sea and aerial attack. But now it seems that some of them have gone missing?

Two unidentified US defense officials told CNN it was very unlikely Beijing opted to completely remove the missile system, and suggested instead it’s just hidden inside buildings on the island.

The satellite spy images, which were snapped on June 3 by ISI, were released days after two US B-52 bombers flew above disputed islets in the South China Sea on Tuesday.

Sputnik / AA Flash Point Military News 2018.

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08-01-23 22:20

As a show of good faith?