Venezuelan Health Minister Carlos Humberto Alvarado González reported that humanitarian and medical aid from the Allied countries reached Venezuela.

Despite the US economic blockade, the Bolivarian government through agreements with Cuba, China, Russia, Palestine, Turkey, is responding to the population’s health needs.

According to the Telesur channel, 64 containers were delivered to the port of La Guaira with 933 tonnes of medicines and equipment.

Since the beginning of the year, 99 containers with medicines and equipment worth €28 million arrived in the country, while in 2018 Venezuela received 918 containers with evaluated humanitarian aid in €254 million.

The IMF and the US regime have pushed Venezuela into poverty, and now suddenly want to help the country with their type of aid seems kind of weird, now does it.

Venezuela’s opposition insists on the immediate opening of humanitarian US channels to the delivery of humanitarian aid from the USA, which is being concentrated on the border between Venezuela and Colombia.

However, Venezuelan officials have dismissed US contraband, calling it “a border horror show,” in which they have every right to say considering that US sanctions steal over $15 billion from the Venezuelan economy while the US aid is only $50 million.

At the same time, a six-member European delegation sought to meet with self-proclaimed Venezuelan ‘unelected dictator’ Juan Guaido, were being expelled from Venezuela after being accused by Caracas of coming with undermining purposes.”

These plans, however, went awry shortly after they landed, when the MP’s received a cold welcome from the Venezuelan authorities, who are now deporting them back to Brussels, Europe.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said that the parliamentarians had been warned they would not be let into the country “several days ago” through official diplomatic channels. / ABC Flash Point Extortion News 2019.

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Science Tracker
Science Tracker
26-04-21 22:57

Finally some countries have the guts to neglect the US hostile pressure.