Washington is becoming increasingly concerned by China’s moves to side with Moscow on security issues on the European continent, the Pentagon has warned amid weeks of standoff across the border between Russia and Ukraine.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin weighed in on the standoff on the border between the two Eastern European nations, arguing that Washington has contributed to rapidly rising tensions.


Western leaders have repeatedly warned for several months that Russia could soon order an invasion of Ukraine, with officials sounding the alarm that Moscow could strike during the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Wang’s remarks come amid an impasse between East and West in recent months, with a number of leaders repeatedly warning that Russia could soon order an invasion of Ukraine.

The Kremlin has repeatedly rejected that it has any plans to attack. Moscow’s Ministry of Defense announced that its troops had wrapped up their training drills in Belarus, close to Ukraine, and would begin the process of withdrawing.


Following talks between Xi and Putin in December, the Russian leader’s foreign policy advisor, Yuri Ushakov, revealed that the Chinese president supports Moscow’s bid for assurances.

He is naturally well aware of and understands the main issue: the concerns Russia has on its western borders. The two nations have emphasized the importance of their partnership in an array of spheres, such as their booming trade, energy, economics, and defense.

However, several analysts have speculated that this seemingly budding collaboration between Moscow and Beijing may not be as developed when compared to blocs such as NATO.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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16-02-22 14:49

It’s in China’s interest to support Russia militarily as it knows it’s on US/NATO’s list. Better to deal with the Western problem sooner rather than later.

Reply to  Skintboy
16-02-22 14:52
Chad 2
Chad 2
16-02-22 14:50

Now it is even more important because China is now the biggest trading partner of the EU and China don’t want any US influence in Europe either.

Stephen Kastl
Stephen Kastl
16-02-22 14:51

Russia and China together are the positive future. USA + NATO are the negative past. Russia and China spooning together is the best news in several hundred years. No more USA wars for oil, gas, natural resources.