China has called on Israel to stop encroaching upon Palestinian territory and resources, as Tel Aviv continues to allow and approve the construction of illegal Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories.

Speaking to the United Nations Security Council yesterday, Geng Shuang, China’s deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, stated that since the beginning of this year.

But, Israel has continued to advance unilateral actions on approving returns, building new invasive settlements and legalizing those settlements.

Emphasizing that such settlement building and activities violate international law and UN Security Council Resolution 2334, Beijing’s stands to urge Israel to immediately halt these actions and stop encroaching upon the land and resources of the Palestinian people.

Shuang also stressed that the historical status quo of religious holy sites in Jerusalem must be respected and upheld, saying that Israeli National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir caused renewed tensions by storming the Al Aqsa Mosque compound.

This happened for the second time this year, by proclaiming Israel’s alleged ownership of the Islamic holy site, while there is no scientific proof of the First (Solomon) Temple at that location?

On the issue of religious holy sites, Israel must stop its provocations, guarantee the right to worship of Muslim worshipers, uphold the peace and tranquillity of religious holy sites, and respect the custodianship of Jordan.

He indicated China’s increasing role in the issue, as with others in the region, and the possibility of surpassing the United States as a mediator force for hegemony.

The USA, with major influence on the parties concerned should make concrete efforts to advance the Middle East peace process and should not unjustifiably prevent the Security Council from arriving at the minimum consensus on the Palestine-Israeli issue.

The Chinese diplomat’s remarks came as the Israeli government yesterday approved the proposed state budget for 2023-2024, which allocates around 3.5 billion Israeli shekels ($941 million) for the illegal settlement projects and the upgrading of their infrastructure.

Current estimates report that there are around 700,000 illegal settlers living in 164 settlements and 116 outposts in the Occupied West Bank and Occupied East Jerusalem, with that set to expand as Tel Aviv frequently approves thousands of more settlement units.

Middle East Monitor / ABC Flash Point Zionist Invasion News 2023.

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Vinegar Hill
Vinegar Hill
28-05-23 16:26

Every action that the vile apartheid Jewish state takes is illegal ; it was born without any legal base and violates International Law and Human Rights Law on a daily basis ;; China was correct in its criticisms.

Tik Tok
28-05-23 16:30

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