On July 20, the joint Russo-Chinese naval exercise North/Interaction – 2023 kicked off in the Sea of Japan, also known as the East China Sea.

The exercise is expected to be held until July 23, with the Russian Ministry of Defense saying that the primary goal of this drill is to improve the naval cooperation between Russia and China, as well as to help maintain peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific Region.


During the course of the exercise, Russian and Chinese vessels and their crews are going to engage in simulated anti-submarine warfare and naval combat, and practice convoying ships by naval and air units.

The drill will also include exercises in protection and defense of naval groups moored at an unprotected road stead, and those aimed at ensuring the security of communications in the waters and airspace of the Sea of Japan.

A joint gunnery exercise is also slated to take place.


The Russian Navy is represented in these drills by vessels of Russia’s Pacific Fleet, including large anti-submarine ships Admiral Tributs and Admiral Panteleyev.

But also, corvettes Geroy Rossiyskoy Federatsii Aldar Tsydenzhapov and Gremyashchy, and a number of support ships. The detachment is led by Read Admiral Valery Kazakov, Commander of the Pacific Fleet’s Primorsky Flotilla.


The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy is represented by destroyers Qiqihar and Guiyang, patrol ships Zaozhuang and Rizhao, and integrated supply ship Taihu.

The Chinese detachment is led by Rear Admiral Qiu Wansheng, Deputy Commander of China’s North Sea Fleet. The drill is being coordinated from the joint headquarters aboard the Qiqihar.

Over 30 Russian and Chinese naval aircraft – including fighter planes, anti-submarine aircraft and helicopters – are involved in the exercise.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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