China might soon shift the world naval balance and dethrone the USA as the modern master of the seas. The process appears to already be under way, and there is little that Washington can do about stopping it.

Beijing has made its naval forces the cornerstone of its military modernization. China is actively pursuing the role of a global military power able to project its force to any corner of the earth, and the USA may not have the sheer industrial capacity to compete.


It is easier for China to increase its fleet numbers as it is the world’s biggest shipbuilder. They have immense shipyard capacities, which the US regime lacks, as its commercial shipbuilding has been thrown into disarray over the past decades.

One cannot even count all the ships being built there. The modern Chinese program is unrivaled throughout the world and the Americans cannot even dream of such pace.

Ten years ago, the USA had 15 aircraft carriers and China had none. In ten years, they might become even. They have more shipbuilders than the rest of the world together.


The Chinese were the second nation in the world to equip their ships with integrated universal weapons systems rivaling America’s Aegis – an advanced command and control system using powerful computers and radars to track and guide the vessels’ weapons.

When it comes to surface ships, the Chinese already have some of the most advanced technologies. It is true that some military technologies are difficult to master and take decades to develop.

It is particularly relevant in the case of submarines, a field where China is still trailing the USA. Here, however, close cooperation between Beijing and Moscow might tip the scales.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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13-02-20 12:17

The US regime is walking on its last straws?

16-02-20 19:30

By more then a mile?