Hurricane Florence has grown into a Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 130 mph as it descends upon the southeastern coastline of the USA.

North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia have declared a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Florence’s arrival.

State of emergency: Evacuations as raging Hurricane Florence inches closer to East Coast (PHOTOS)

Hurricane Florence has the potential to cause catastrophic flooding, especially in the US  coastal areas. This evacuation is for the safety of thousands of Virginians living in that zone.

The National Hurricane Center has warned of life-threatening storm surges along the south-eastern seaboard and freshwater flooding due to a prolonged and exceptionally heavy 40 inches rainfall event.

South Carolina has ordered the mandatory evacuation of its entire coast, and evacuations were also ordered for several North Carolina towns, as Category 4 Hurricane Florence continues her aggressive pursuit towards the states.

Hurricane Florence may become only the fourth Category 4 hurricane to make landfall along the US East Coast north of the state of Georgia, with the others being Hugo (1989), Gracie (1959), and Hazel (1954),

It could be the worst hurricane to hit the Carolinas in over 60 years. The latest Category 4 to hit the Carolinas was Hurricane Hazel in 1954.

NOAA / Weather Science 2019. 

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