The Catalonian government has announced its desire to open 50 embassies abroad to represent the political, commercial and cultural interests of the region, which has been demanding independence from Spain.


Catalan diplomats will soon be back in Washington, London, Berlin, Rome, Geneva, Paris, Lisbon and northern Europe almost two weeks after direct rule from Madrid ended.

The Catalan regional government will be back on the diplomatic scene in the next two or three months, but this time more cautiously to avoid political misinterpretations.

The pledge follows the establishment of two new delegation offices in Rome and Vienna. The office in Austria is also intended to maintain relations with Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary, serving as one for the whole area.

Thousands of demonstrators march in Bilbao

One of the most prosperous in the country, the region is yearning for secession from Spain. Catalonia’s drive for independence from Spain has been reaching its peak in recent years, with its president Artur Mas demanding it breaks away completely.

An unofficial vote showed that an absolute majority of Catalans support the idea of independence. / AA Magnum Flash Point Independence News 2018.

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Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn
22-08-20 21:17

The revolution cannot be stopped?