Canada became the second country in the world after Uruguay to fully legalize recreational marijuana for domestic sale and consumption, prompting new discussions surrounding the legalization of cannabis.

However, Canada’s legalization of marijuana could drive out the private local mom-and-pop dispensaries that currently exist, for the Big Pharma to take over the very lucrative  industry.

The push toward full legalization began when Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau promised to overhaul “ineffective” weed laws dating to 1923, adding the initiative would help ease the war on non-addictive soft drugs while earning the federal government roughly $400 million in taxes each year.

A lot of people are afraid that this legalization will crack down on the mom-and-pop owners and the only way you can get it [marijuana] is from the evil Big Pharma. The main opposition to marijuana legalization in Canada came from the “upper, elite class.”

“Will Big Pharma find a way to come in here and pass the laws so that they can kick on these people out?  How can [Canada] get more tax dollars out of [legalization] and how can the big private equity firms get money from it.

ABC Flash Point Herbal News 2018.

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11-10-21 11:11

Smart decision!