Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the government made a decision to green light the expansion of the controversial Trans Mountain oil pipeline, which Canada bought for $4.5 billion last year with tax payers money.

The Prime Minister added that all money earned from the pipeline will be invested in “clean energy projects.” But that looks more like a deception, because the cost of building the oil pipeline and maintenance will swallow up all the proceeds.

The pipeline would put Canada “in a stronger strategic position to create more good middle class jobs.”

Canada will be less dependent on the United States and will have access to the growing Asian market as a result of the project.

The approval comes 10 months after the Federal Court of Appeal stopped the project and ordered the National Energy Board to redo its review of the pipeline, claiming that the original study was flawed and lacked adequate consultations with First Nations peoples.

The pipeline has been bought by the Canadian government from Texas-based Kinder Morgan infrastructure company last year as a way out of regulatory and political uncertainty that led the company to abandon the high cost project.

If completed, the expansion would nearly triple the capacity of the pipeline that runs from Edmonton in the western oil-rich province of Alberta to Burnaby on British Columbia’s Pacific coast.

The pipeline faced protests from environmental activists and First Nation groups, while supporters of the project say it will create new jobs and there is less chance of spilling compare to transporting oil by tankers.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Oil News 2019.

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14-01-21 13:16

In the name of development nature is allowed to be destroyed?