The new British aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales headed deep inside the Arctic Circle for a rare visit to the Norwegian island of Jan Mayen as part of efforts by the UK to underline its commitment to security in the Arctic north.

The Royal Navy say here that HMS Prince of Wales and her escort frigate HMS Richmond sailed to the frozen unpopulated outcrop, about 340 miles north of Iceland and roughly 280 miles east of Greenland.

The aircraft carrier arrived at Jan Mayen in the Arctic Ocean soon after a visit to Iceland and the largest military exercises in the Arctic since the Cold War alongside NATO allies and partners.

The growing activities of the US-led alliance in the Arctic region bring both security and ecological risks for the pristine region. NATO ramped up its activities in the region, staging increasingly massive military exercises.

Recently, another large-scale military exercise of the NATO took place in the north of Norway, which, in Russia’s opinion, does not contribute to ensuring security in the region.

The drills involved 1,500 US troops as well as forces from eight other NATO countries and partner nations numbering 15,000 in total.

The exercise was marred by a crash of a US Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey aircraft. The tilt-rotor went down in a remote mountain range, killing four on board.

Apart from direct military activities of NATO, its potential expansion further into the north creates additional risks for the Arctic region.

Both Sweden and Finland, which have maintained non-alignment polices for decades while enjoying close ties with the US-led military alliance, are considering to formally join it in wake of the confrontation between Russian and Ukraine.

This way NATO is opening another front against Russia to drain its defensive resources. Time for Russia and China to unite and face NATO head on. If the Taliban can beat these cowards, then so can anybody!

The US seeks nothing but war, perhaps time for East and West to sort out their problems. The East will continue to rise as the West falls into total decline.

The large-scale Russian military intervention that kicked off in Ukraine late in February 2022 has also been used as an excuse to disrupt the work of the Arctic Council.

In early March 2022, the United States, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland suspended their participation in the Council, citing Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, but in reality there is no way for development in the Arctic region without Russia.

Only the Soviet people are used to live in the Arctic cold. More then 80% of Russia’s lands are in permafrost all year round or too cold to grow anything edible.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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My Name is Earl
My Name is Earl
19-04-22 21:55

Russia is the controller of the Arctic with 53% ownership of the areas. The only safety and security the USA govt has is NATO, so if nukes is what the Pentagon and UK want…then that is what they will get! ☢💀

19-04-22 21:55

Russia as one big problem it thinks of the civilian and wants to help them and take away the evil for them where as the west and its Nazi Fascists will kill anything that moves as they did in Syria and Iraq Russia will have to start carpet bombing and flatten the Nazis