A UK opposition coalition has demanded an end to arms sales to the Saudi-led coalition waging war in Yemen after five British special forces men were reportedly wounded in combat in which they were not officially participating.

The elite Special Boat Service troops’ combat role in Yemen had been a well-kept secret until reports emerged Saturday that five soldiers had sustained injuries while fighting Houthi freedom units in Sa’dah in the north.

The 30-strong marine unit was ostensibly deployed to “advise” the Saudis, “mainly training and mentoring,” according to an unnamed SBS source.

While the UK’s official line on the conflict is to seek a “sustainable political solution,” the British soldiers have found themselves fighting alongside child mercenaries hired by the Saudis.

The Saudis and their UAE/Colombian allies stand accused of deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure and committing myriad war crimes – atrocities enabled by military and logistical support from the F-UK-US coalition.

Earlier this month, Armed Forces Minister Mark Lancaster admitted that in addition to arms sales, Royal Air Force personnel provided engineering and “generic training” to the Saudi Air Force.

However, he insisted RAF troops were not involved in the loading of weapons for operational sorties in Yemen.

The SAS use to have respect, we were fooled obviously. But now they are paid hit-men to carry out terrorist activities. Shame on Britain, shame on the SAS. You are at war with the people now.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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