The British pop star, George Michael with strong Greek-Cypiot roots, has died @ home during Christmas on Sunday. Georgios Panayiotou sold well over 100 million albums in his stardom career.

Micheal was active in a number of charities and helped raise money to combat AIDS, helped needy children and supported gay rights. He and Ridgeley formed a Ska band called the “Executive” when they were just 16 before moving on to form WHAM.

His first solo album, 1987’s “Faith”, sold over 20 million copies, and he enjoyed several hit singles, including the raunchy “I want your Sex” during @ the time when the AIDS epidemic was deepening.

Michael with his startling goods looks and easy stage manner was helped by MTV, which was an emerging music industry force at the time of his performances. Georgios story ended when he died @ 53 years of age.

Secretly George Micheal was battling with heroin addiction had been rushed to the emergency room multiple times before his sudden death on Christmas Day. The famous popstar leaves behind an estate of an estimated $130 million.

AP / AA Magnum News 2016.

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Dushi Food
Dushi Food
18-07-20 11:08

Killed or murdered?