The UK prime minister has, in his infinite wisdom, decided to impose a raft of new restrictions to avoid another lock down after the first one was such a resounding success. These measures are shameful.

All Britons, will look back on the summer of 2020 fondly. At a time when they all dressed like dandy highwaymen to go shopping and had to surrender their personal details to pub staff wearing visors, while threatening people wielding thermometer pistols.

Shall we ever know such halcyon days again? Not anytime soon, if our dear leader’s latest statement is anything to go by? Earlier today, Boris Johnson decided to relieve himself over the nation’s collective bonfire with the force of an authoritarian Grand National winner.

His stable lads, Whitty and Vallance, had prepared the ground for him a day earlier, by publishing a graph designed purely to help people get through the last of their stockpiled bog roll.

With the proviso that it wasn’t a prediction, they then proceeded to tell the nation that 49,000 people a day could be getting Corona by mid-October, if we didn’t do something drastic. Lo and behold, a day later something drastic has been done.

Boris has decided that pubs and restaurants now have to chuck out drinkers and diners by 10 pm because, apparently, Covid-19 doesn’t like to go out before then. This comes less than a month after his government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme, which actively encouraged people to dine out, drew to a close.

Having spent the past few weeks begging people to get out of their pyamas and back in the office, he changed his tune and went back to telling all who can to return to working from home.

Mask wearing has been extended to retail staff, drivers and passengers in taxis, and patrons in indoor hospitality venues, except when seated at a table to eat or drink.

The fine for improper muzzle use has been doubled to £200 for a first offense. And best of all, BoJo says these rules may remain in place for perhaps six more months.

When we first went into lock down the argument for it was to ensure that the sainted NHS was not overwhelmed. Well, it wasn’t and it isn’t. It has, in fact, been decidedly underwhelmed for most of the year. The Nightingale hospitals built back in the dim and distant past of April have stood mostly empty. Several were even mothballed?

This last particular lunacy was brought in off the back of Professor Neil Ferguson’s warning that half a million people could die in Britain if we didn’t impose a lock down. This was a warning Ferguson took so seriously that, while he was telling the rest of the nation to socially distance and isolate, he was having sex with someone else’s wife

We now know that Covid-19 is nowhere near as fatal as had been initially feared, and if you’re under 65, the chances of dying from it are minuscule. The average age of people succumbing to the disease across the UK is 81 for men and 85 for women.

Across England, Covid-19 did not feature in the top-20 causes of death for August, and the total number of deaths for that month is below the five-year average.

What sort of a deadly pandemic results in fewer people dying than have shuffled off this mortal coil in normal times? What is the endgame of these curbs on our freedom? Are we to keep opening up and locking down again until we have a vaccine for this mostly non-fatal disease?

Are we waiting for Jesus himself to return and tell us all everything is fine? I can’t answer these questions because the government plainly doesn’t have a bloody clue what it’s doing.

Even if we were to hit the high of 200 Covid-19 deaths a day by November that is not actually a vast number, when you consider that, on average, more than 600 people die every day in the UK.

Even if we reached the much-touted figure of 50,000 new cases a week, if 99.6% of them weren’t hospitalized, given that most will be fit and healthy people who won’t even be that unwell, would that really a problem worth crippling the economy for?

So, enjoy the next six months of reduced freedom, regional lock downs, more mask wearing and out of context statistics designed to scare the Dejesus out of you.

After all, since the first lock down was so plainly effective in ridding us of this disease, why wouldn’t we do it all once more with feeling?

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Washington DC
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Welcome to the Western style capitalist democracy?

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The pedop[hile feeling good among the kids?