Activists in the United Kingdom have been occupying a drone factory in Leicester for the last six days. The factory produces weapons that have been used by Israel to attack Gaza.

We’re taking direct action because the UK is complicit in the colonization and ongoing occupation and bombing of Palestine.

Leicester, United Kingdom, May 19, 2021: People hold red flares as they gathered to support UK based Pro-Palestinian activists group "Palestine Action" who seized control of the Leicester based factory of Elbit subsidiary UAV Tactical Systems on Wednesday, May 19, 2021. Activists say that "the occupation is aiming to be as disruptive as possible; these activists are determined to prevent Elbit from resuming its business of bloodshed." (Photo by Vudi Xhymshiti/VXP)

On May 18, 2021 members of the group Palestine Action scaled Elbit Systems, an Israeli-owned company and a subsidiary UAV Tactical Systems.

Activists say that the drones were removed from the factory after they entered and are currently being protected by the police.

Dozens of supporters have shown up outside the factory to protest the recent attack on Gaza and show solidarity.

Today a local resident was arrested for trying to provide water to activists on the roof. Last Thursday two individuals were also arrested for trying to provide food and water. They were later released.

In addition to providing Israel’s military with drones, the defense company also developed surveillance technology that’s used at the West bank barrier, often referred to as the “Apartheid Wall.”

This weekend Palestine Action will hold a protest at Elbit headquarters in London. “[Elbit’s] lethal munitions and dodgy deals are being made across the UK – ‘hidden in plain’ site.

If we work together, it’s within our power to stop them and expose their murderous conveyor-belt business. Let’s drown the business of war in the guilt of the civilian blood it spills.

Mondoweiss / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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