Recently, the Syrian Arab Army swept to victory against terrorists in a number of northern Hama villages. Christian towns bordering areas of Hama and Idlib formerly controlled by Al Qaeda affiliates can now finally breathe again.

This article will specifically address the persecution of Syrian Christians by the extremist, sectarian groups who have been promoted, financed and armed by governments in the West, in particular the UK.

Syrians fiercely defend their secular and diverse culture, that their faith or sect is secondary to their Syrian identity and patriotism.

The fate of Christian minorities in Syria are in deep contrast with the recent hypocritical claims by members of the British government.

What happened to their desire to protect the “most persecuted religious group in modern times” as Christians globally were described by former UK foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt?

There must be a special place in Hell for hypocrites like Hunt and Johnson who feign concern for Christians while supporting vile Takfiri groups killing them in Syria.

Indeed, Hunt and the British government have systematically ignored the plight of Syrian Christian communities. Instead these communities have been specifically targeted since the dirty proxy war against Syria began in 2011.

The Western-backed terrorist gangs have perpetrated sectarian hate crimes against all religious minorities across Syria.

Where are Hunt’s or Johnson’s condemnations of the massacre of civilians on a regular basis in the Syrian Christian towns of Al Sqeilbiyyeh and Mhardeh and villages in the surrounding countryside?

These towns and villages are in the Syrian government-secured areas bordering Al Qaeda-dominated northern Hama and Idlib.

For eight years, these Syrian towns have been shelled and threatened with ethnic-cleansing invasion by the terrorist gangs marketed as “rebels” in the West and staunchly defended by Hunt and Johnson.

The brutal gangs who would drive them from their homes and their land are, effectively, promoted and financed by the British government.

The British government has been invested in the “humanitarianwar against Syria from the outset. £2.81 billion has been poured into “humanitarian aid” projects, exclusively in areas controlled by the Al Qaeda-affiliates.

Meanwhile, the UK government is imposing brutal economic sanctions on the Syrian government-secured areas of Syria.

London has been collectively punishing the Syrian people for refusing to accept “medieval” extremist governance in place of their elected president and government?

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK FCO) has blatantly financed elements of the terrorist support network, including the White Helmets, the Free Syrian Police and the so-called local councils, proven to be headed up by Al Qaeda militants?

Funding has ostensibly been given to “hospitals” and “medical centers” in terrorist-controlled Idlib.

This happened without regard for the fact that most hospitals are used by the armed groups as military headquarters and detention-torture-execution centers for civilians and members of rival armed groups.

Distressing footage of the “moderate rebelsexecuting civilians publicly in Idlib was recently released by one of the opposition-biased documentation groups.

These are the violent, brutal gangs on Western designer drugs that the British government is promoting and sustaining.

The British government “for security reasons” do not disclose the names of the groups because they know they are affiliated to and under the control of some of the most brutal terrorist factions in the world.

So, when Jeremy Hunt and, subsequently, PM Boris Johnson “vow to protect persecuted Christians throughout the world,” how can they possibly justify their support for the sectarian savages that are ensuring a Christian exodus from Syria and the Middle East?

In the Middle East, the birthplace of Christianity, its followers have fallen from 20% of the population to just 5%.” In Syria, the Christian population is reported to have been halved since 2011, from two million down to one million.

No credit is given to the Syrian government and Syrian Arab Army for their protection of left over Syrian Christian communities.

Boris Johnson has “welcomed this review” and claims that he will “stand up for those facing persecution”.

Well, start with lifting economic sanctions against Syria and ending the promotion and financing of the sectarian terrorist groups and their auxiliaries that are persecuting the Syrian people?

As William Wilberforce, MP, said to the House of Commons with reference to the slave trade in 1791 – “you may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know.”

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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28-04-20 19:39

Hypocrisy is their Diplomacy?