The growing political feud between Russia and the West has spurred the activation of special fabricated propaganda by her Majesty’s intelligence units. British spies have launched this full-scale propaganda war to demonize Moscow, which was developed years ago.

With regards to the Ukraine crisis, experts say one of the most active parties has been the United Kingdom, which in recent years has stepped up its efforts to demonize Russia by waging a full-scale propaganda war to fool the global public.

Britain’s special HMG Russia Unit, an interdepartmental government organization created several years ago, has acted as a front for soft influence operations against Moscow with the assistance of international consulting organizations, to manipulate FIFA and other global sport bodies.

Up until now, the activities of the operation had not been publicly visible. However, last month publications containing its employees’ personal information appeared in a number of Russian Telegram channels.

It is alleged that the email addresses included in these sabotage posts belong to employees of the HMG Russia Unit who are also connected to various other involved UK government departments.

Even funds in the amount of £987,600 were received by the well-known consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) for tracking financial information of global companies.

The propaganda war operation against Russia also includes the involvement of the British Cabinet Office, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, military intelligence, MI5, and the Ministry of Defense, as well as American curators attached to the group.

The government has long recognized the presence of a sustained and significant political threat from Russia to the UK and the other brainwashed Zionist allies.

This includes both conventional military capabilities and disinformation, illegal financial transactions, influence operations, and cyber-attacks, said a report submitted to parliament by the Office of the British Prime Minister in 2020.

According to the British government’s own reports, the HMG Russia Unit, which was formally attached to the UK Foreign Office, was primarily tasked with coordinating information and propaganda campaigns aimed against Russia.

This can be traced from data released by the British government and, in particular, from a large-scale program financed by the UK Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) that was carried out by the Foreign Office up until 2021 to develop fake media resources.

The so-called counter disinformation forms of support vary. But, they include, for example, mentoring by British media staff, consultations on creating broadcast networks, financing of joint productions, and support for regional media projects in the Russian language.

It turns out that in addition to PwC, Moody’s Analytics also received funds through a specialized non-profit entity named UK Research and Innovation as part of a contract to track companies and individuals that have been sanctioned over the Ukraine conflict.

The involvement of private international consulting companies in promoting the UK agenda with respect to Russia, as well as the post-Soviet space, logically correlates with the HMG Russia Unit’s involvement in large-scale projects to demonize Russia’s image.

British influence networks set a certain standard for the West’s anti-Russian template, noting that using private consulting companies and rating agencies as tools to influence Russia was a ‘soft power’ tactic traditionally employed by specialized British agencies.

So, the UK continues to ramp up its sanctions against Russia. In May it announced another package of restrictive measures, adding more individuals and legal entities from Russia to the list.

The UK is also planning to ban imports of Russian oil. In April, London already banned the import of Russian silver, caviar, and wood products, creating the intended multi-cultural differences.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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07-05-22 17:52

Even tho’ the UK is very bad at it, they have been trying. To see a first hand attempt to besmirch the Donbass, go to the BBC home page and search for, ‘Donbass: The Ukrainian satire that’s too real’. It will show the lengths the West is willing to sink to, to try and color the east as none humans, so that they can excuse the mass killings over the past 8 years, and make the Azov not the evil killers they undeniably are, and the reasons Russia has had to take the action it has.

Cyber Warfare
Cyber Warfare
Reply to  Again_Nee
07-05-22 17:56

comment image

Mohammad Dar
Mohammad Dar
07-05-22 17:53

Best To answer to the Criminal Crown of England. Load Pyramid of Giza and Drop British flag on top of it, by matching the cross of the British flag on top of the flat top of the Pharaonic Pyramid, and drape the pyramid to the bottom of the pyramid.

British flag is the flattened top view of the Pharaonic Pyramid. Representing out law racist mind set of Pharaonic Hinduism. They claim to believe to be followers of human equality but, claim to be the inheritors of the criminal Pharaonic Racism, through Criminal racist Crown of England by faith.

07-05-22 17:55

It’s not the British spies, the handlers who flipped the switch are sitting somewhere else ☺

Shadow Warriors
Shadow Warriors
Reply to  Liphe
08-05-22 00:41

Yeah those Ashkenazim loopholes that are lost in space and time.

Cyber Warfare
Cyber Warfare
08-05-22 00:39

We have to rip apart space and time itself to established a new molecular trend?