Unelected British PM, Theresa May has called off the House of Commons vote on her Brexit deal after huge opposition from her own MPs made a devastating defeat all but inevitable, after a huge apparent cabinet revolt.

Cabinet ministers had been summoned to urgent talks in a conference call, amid pressure from several ministers for the government to pull back from the brink of a crushing defeat.

This is an unprecedented and historic humiliation for Theresa May, the pulling of the vote is certain to prompt speculation that Ms May will head back to Brussels immediately, to try to secure better exit terms and win a later Commons vote.

However, more than 100 Tory MP’s have spoken out against the deal – pointing to an unwindable task – and both the EU and the UK regimes have insisted the terms of the Irish backstop, in the withdrawal agreement, cannot be rewritten.

It was unclear whether the British government can easily pull the vote, given that MP’s have already approved a business motion for it to take place. With the political Yellow Vest turmoil in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, the EU’s best days seem to be over.

Jeremy Corbyn seized on the announcement as proof that the UK dictatorship no longer had a “functioning government”, calling for Labour’s approach to be adopted.

The government has decided Theresa May’s Brexit deal is so disastrous that it has taken the desperate step of delaying its own vote at the eleventh hour.

And the anti-Brexit Best for Britain group said the dramatic events underlined the need for a Final Say referendum, to give the decision back to the public, technically making the British people responsible for the economic Armageddon in the UK.

The Independent UK / ABC Flash Point Brexit News 2018.

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