Scientists in Brazil have discovered a virus which appears to be almost entirely new, consisting of unrecognizable genes that have been, until now, undocumented?

The Yaravirus (Yaravirus brasiliensis), named after a water deity in Brazilian mythology and folklore, was discovered in Lake Pampulha in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte.

In recent years, virologists and other researchers have discovered a variety of new viruses which challenge traditional thinking, including so-called “giant viruses” (named for their large protein shells, not their deadliness to humans).

These giant viruses possess a far more complex genome than scientists could have predicted, based on humanity’s knowledge of normal viruses, and are capable of repairing and replicating their own DNA.

Contrary to what is observed in other isolated viruses of amoeba, Yaravirus is not represented by a large/giant particle and a complex genome, but at the same time carries an important number of previously un-described genes.

It may be the first in “a new lineage of amoebal virus with a puzzling origin and phylogeny. In fact, 90% of the genes in the Yaravirus have never been described before in public scientific databases and literature.

Rather worryingly, the researchers conclude that the amount of unknown proteins within the Yaravirus throws open the door to a whole other world of as-yet-undiscovered viruses we know little to nothing about.

New species are being discovered constantly on this planet, only last year 30+ new species of marine life was discovered off the coast of South Australia because it had never been explored previously.

It’s a big ball of life, our planet, so it stands to reason that unknown species will continue to be discovered as we invade and destroy more of our unique undiscovered planet.

But in the Amazon rain forest, new species emerge because people chop down the environment they live or hid in for them to present themselves, without the antidote being around anymore.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics
16-12-20 22:53

Chopping down the rain forest indeed expose new species and viruses, while their hosts and counter antidote disappear for good?