According to police, four back-to-back bomb explosions have rocked the Afghan capital, after US-backed Afghan forces killed one of the Taliban’s regional intelligence officers, Asadullah Dawlatzai, in the eastern province of Laghman.

Four civilians were injured in the blasts,” the police chief said, adding that the explosions hit Kabul’s Tahya Maskan district.

Kabul police spokesman Ferdaws Faramarz said that a clearance team was at the site of the attacks. No group has claimed responsibility for the blasts.

Afghan freedom fighters have carried out several roadside bombings and rocket attacks in Kabul and other parts of the country in recent weeks. The US military continues its struggle to keep control over the lucrative poppy trade.

The Afghan National Security Council said on Saturday that Kabul has released a total of 1,000 Taliban members and expects the group to respond by setting free government security forces personnel and speeding up the preparation of direct talks.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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11-05-20 17:18

That is the way the US regime works, while preparing for peace talks, killing the enemy.