The official vote count for Bolivia’s presidential election was officially completed Friday, giving Movement to Socialism leader Evo Morales the victory with 47.08% of the vote, while opposition leader Carlos Mesa won 36.51%.

With a greater than 10% difference between the candidates, there is no need for an election runoff, according to Bolivian law.

Hours before the final result was announced, Morales invited the international community to perform a “vote by vote” count of the election results, in a bid to demonstrate that allegations of electoral fraud were false.

Allegations of electoral fraud made by Mesa last week sparked protests in several Bolivian cities that turned violent, as clashes with police saw several electoral offices set on fire by the opposition.

Four nations from the Organization of American States, including the USA, called on Bolivia to hold a second election round.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Election News 2019.

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Big Ben
Big Ben
30-01-21 18:47

And then the CIA ordered the Bolivian Army to run down Morales and kill him, so Elon Musk and his network of gangsters can profit from the world largest lithium deposits.