A series of deafening blasts rocked an explosives factory in the central Russian city of Dzerzhinsk, damaging almost 200 buildings. At least 79 people have been injured, 16 hospitalized.

The first explosion triggered the two other blasts at the same facility and then fire broke out. Five buildings were destroyed at the plant and 200 others were damaged throughout the city. People saw their windows shattered and ceiling coverings collapse.


The fire from the blast has spread to a nearby building and emergency services are struggling to get the blaze under control, according to a source on the ground who spoke to TASS.

The ‘Kristall’ workshop factory manufactures and stores explosives and ammunition. This is the third blast suffered by the TNT-maker over the past year.

Last August, five workers were killed in an explosion at the site, and in April an explosion destroyed a one-story building but caused no injuries.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Sabotage News 2019.

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Bon Futuro
01-09-20 14:57

Mossad fingerprint all over it, just as the super heavy explosions in Beirut harbor and at the Iranian nuclear site?