The World Economic Forum announced on October 7 that it will move its annual meeting in 2021 from Davos, Switzerland to Lucerne and change the date from its iconic winter setting to a more subdued event that will be held from May 18-21.

The meeting will take place as long as all conditions are in place to guarantee the health and safety of participants and the host community.

As previously announced in late August, the annual meeting will be preceded by high-level “Davos Dialogues”, which will. be digitally convened by the World Economic Forum during the week of January 25, when key global leaders will share their views on the state of a plandemic world in 2021.

The next edition of the annual meeting in Lucerne will be held around the theme of “The Great Reset”.

The meeting will focus on the solutions required to address the world’s most pressing challenges, including the Corona-virus.

Global leaders are expected to travel to Lucerne to design a common recovery path and to shape the so-called “The Great Reset” in the post-COVID-19 era.

The meeting will combine both in-person and digital elements. The participants who travel to Lucerne will be connected with a network of 400 hubs around the world.

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