A new weaponry wish list, claimed to be sufficient to throw Russia out of Ukraine, was unveiled on Monday by Mikhail Podolyak, a top adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The new call has effectively pushed Ukraine’s demand for Western-made weapons to the limit, with even the USA at risk of running out of military weapons, multiple media outlets have suggested.


Fulfilling the demands would effectively require the USA – the top supplier of weapons to Ukrainian troops over the course of the conflict – to disarm its own military, multiple Western media outlets pointed out.

The USA and the Britain, as well as multiple other Western nations, have actively supplied the Ukrainian authorities with assorted weapons both before and since the start of the ongoing conflict.

Moscow has repeatedly warned the West against pumping up Ukraine with weapons, arguing it will only prolong the conflict without changing its outcome.


The demand includes 1,000 NATO-standard 155mm howitzers, 300 multiple-launch rocket systems, 500 tanks, 2,000 armored vehicles, and 1,000 drones.

It is unclear what types of drones and armored vehicles Kiev needs to repel the ongoing Russian offensive that began in late February, 2022.

The number of MLRS systems requested, for instance, amounts to roughly half of Washington’s remaining stock of such weapons, The Guardian reported, citing figures from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).


The US Army has some 363 HIMARS wheeled rocket artillery pieces and 225 M270 MLRS tracked launchers, while the US Marines have a further 47.

The demand for 155mm artillery would effectively empty the USA of active stock all together, as it would require the Pentagon to surrender nearly all of its M777 howitzers, according to the article.

However, the newspaper failed to mention that the USA has other, older towed artillery systems in reserve which could potentially be supplied to Kiev.


The only demand that appears to be relatively easy to satisfy is the requirement for tanks, as the US Army alone is estimated to have a fleet of around 6,000 Abrams units in storage and on active duty.

The newspaper also counted some 250 155mm howitzers on the list, apparently including both towed and self-propelled pieces.

The multiple-launch rocket systems figure looks the most hopeless, with only around 50 pieces – apparently older Soviet-era launchers supplied by several European nations – included on the list.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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16-06-22 02:09

I had a dream that Russia and China invaded the USA. Then there was peace for a change. Businesses were built, bridges built, economy was terrific,trade was excellent, gas was $1.60 a gallon. It was a beautiful dream. Then I woke up to the nightmare!

Reply to  Baadced
16-06-22 02:11

Uncle Sam had hoped that its proxy war in Ukraine will bankrupt Russia. Looks like the opposite is happening.

16-06-22 02:10

Both Nazis.

16-06-22 02:12

Word is that China and Russia are going to invade the U.S. before the end of this year; and, the U.S. military is currently being decimated purposely. Supposedly, China will take the lower 48 states; whereas, Russia will take Alaska and parts of Canada. China intends to kill every American man, woman, and child, and repopulate the U.S. with Chinese citizens.

Reply to  Drummer
16-06-22 02:13

Drummer, Quote your source please? Your claim is sensational. Unless the US learns its place under the sun very quickly, it may be a necessary action for ALL of the free world that is us to do exactly that. We’ve had a gut-full of “Lady Liberty’s” oppression and destruction