It appears that the Black Lives Matter protest that took place in the Belgian capital of Brussels today has been marred by looting, riots and vandalism?

A number of videos emerged on social media show masked people breaking into stores and then scurrying away clutching whatever items they’ve managed to get their hands on.

Now clear there has been widespread confrontation with police, vandalism and some looting this afternoon here in Brussels”, Euro news political editor Darren McCaffrey wrote in a caption of a video he tweeted.

Up to 5,000 demonstrators gathered in central Brussels in the afternoon to peacefully protest police brutality and racism, as similar rallies erupted elsewhere in the world in an apparent solidarity with the protests that continue to rock the USA in the wake of the death of an African-American man named George Floyd.

What would the “EU” capital know about equality and justice? A farce designed to serve the privileged investor class, not the common person now explodes into reality?

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point EU News 2020.

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07-06-20 16:51

Now the poor are stealing from the rich?