Prosecutors are investigating whether Belgian banks paid out interest and dividends on accounts frozen under UN sanctions in 2011, after the assassination of the Libyan leader Muammar Ghaddafi.

Up to €5 billion could have been disbursed to people controlling Libyan accounts, including terrorist groups like ISIS in the country which stand accused of human rights abuses.

With NATO’s intervention in 2011, the UN introduced sanctions against the Libyan government’s assets, effectively seizing roughly $67 billion from the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), held across Europe and North America.

In the EU, national governments froze only the original amounts, while the interest and dividends earned after 2011 remained a liquid asset, that seemed to have pored into the pockets of ISIS?

Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders told reporters on Tuesday he had not been involved in the decision to unblock interest on deposits.

The United Nations is also investigating the alleged embezzlement of billions of euro that disappeared from the Ghaddafi accounts. UN documents confirm that Belgium failed to comply with a UN resolution on freezing Libyan assets.

It is necessary to clarify the situation, which may lead to a big scandal, because hundreds of millions of euros were sent to unknown entities in Libya. / ABC Flash Point Zionist Terror News 2018.

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Abdul Kamani
Abdul Kamani
31-12-20 13:04

This how the West steals other people’s assets and properties?