Now that the leaders and representatives of Babylon are falling, the end of the global system of white supremacy seems to be losing its hegemony.

The global systems which have profited from the enslavement and subjugation of melanated minds around the world are losing power, in every area of activity, at an exponential rate.

Soon, the original peoples of planet Earth, and the planet itself will be able to live in peace, power, and abundance once again. Look around and open your eyes.

The systems we as a people have been trampled by are being exposed and brought to nought. Some people call it divine intervention, some call it the universe balancing itself out.

The financial system is collapsing. The stock market is in a free fall. Billion dollar corporations can not stay afloat amidst the global quarantine. Conspiracy theories that use to get no traction have more and more supporting evidence.

The leaders and representatives of Babylon are being exposed for their wicked nature and deeds. Industries built on the blood of melanated indigenous peoples have no more upward momentum.

The systems built on the mass murder of various animal species has backfired, as the luxury of eating meat is causing endless health complications for those who consume.

It’s been said that the Earth itself has a consciousness, and the significant increase in global disasters is a direct result of the Zionist Europeans undying need to exploit Earth’s precious resources.

The American Dream is no longer attractive or desirable as people recognize the “forked-tongue of the white man”, whom is the architect and beneficiary of that derailed dream.

Only the strongest survive they say. Who is surviving the Corona-virus pandemic? Who has survived the longest and most brutal forms of physical and economic slavery the world has ever seen?

Who has the genetic potential to exist in the natural conditions of planet earth without heinous accommodations? Who has never in the history of existence had a negative birth rate?

Who is the original man/woman from which all peoples came? Apparently the brainwashed masses do not need an army, a protest, bullets, or a war to gain freedom from “the man”.

The Sun is our weapon. Our melanin is our defense system. The ancestors are the reinforcements. The earth is our home court. Universal justice is inevitable and freedom is guaranteed. Babylon is falling, forever.

Tru Dreadz / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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04-09-20 10:34

Being exposed, prosecuted and jailed by Trump?