British ‘professional’ War Criminal Tony Blair used to pontificate to all that talk of class war was irrelevant in the 21st century as a society had moved on and it was wrong to use such antagonistic phrases any longer.

However, the class war is far from over and the introduction of ‘austerity’ by the Tory/Liberal coalition Government elected in 2010 on the back of the bankers crash of 2008 was just another name for the explicit conduct of class war by the rich for the rich.

Rich and greedy bankers, where up to their necks in irresponsible and illegal financial deals and transactions which eventually erupted in the Lehman Brothers crash in 2008, which exposed the empty re-payment promises as the fiction they were and led to a catastrophic banking crash.

The response of former ‘socialists’, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his Chancellor Alastair Darling, was not to signal to the world that the fraud and fragility was finally exposed for all to see and set about reversing the years of tax cuts for the rich and deregulation of the finance- and labor markets.

No, these puppets simply decided to declare their loyalty to the millionaires first and foremost by bailing out the rich and fraudulent bankers to rake in of trillions of taxpayers money.

For years workers in the coal, steel, shipbuilding and motor industries had been lectured about the iron laws of the market and how ‘subsidies’ and ‘bailouts’ were unacceptable and evidence of a deep malaise in those industries that only collapse could remedy.

Hundreds of thousands in the boiler suits and hard hats of the mines, steel mills, shipyards and car factories of the UK were left to rot when they ran into economic problems, but not so for the sharp-suited gangsters in the banking industry.

Incredible sums of public money were poured into save the banks and the banksters on their obscene corrupted salaries and shameless evil bonuses.

New Labor Government which had preached wage restraint to low paid nurses, carers, street cleaners and other public servants for years ‘could not afford’ traditional, and much more economically sane, forms of public investment.

The real class nature of politics was laid bare for all to see. There was no money to save coal mines, shipyards or steel mills.

There was no money to publicly build new schools, hospitals and roads. There was no money to improve the wages of low paid public service workers or essential service workers like the Fire Fighters.

But as soon as the bankers went bankrupt the money was found in spades to bail them out. Within a year these economic parasites in the finance sector were sticking their middle fingers up to the foolish masses as bonuses and salaries of £billions returned.

Those bankers should have been criminally prosecuted and jailed not rescued and allowed to resume their lives of luxury.

ABC Flash Point Banking News 2018.

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