Auschwitz-Birkenau survivors and other mourners commemorated the 78th anniversary Friday of the Nazi German death camp’s liberation, some expressing horror that war has again shattered peace in Europe and the lesson of Never Again is being forgotten.

The former concentration and extermination camp is located in the town of Owicim in southern Poland, which was under the occupation of German forces during World War II.

Auschwitz became a so-called place of systematic murder of Jews, Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, Roma and others targeted for elimination by Adolf Hitler and his Zionist henchmen.

In all, some 1.1 million people said to have been killed at the vast complex before it was liberated by Soviet troops on January 27, 1945, but the site of their burial grounds remain unsolved?

Today the site, with its barracks, barbed wire and ruins of gas chambers, stands as one of the world’s most recognized symbols of evil transformed into a major tourist attraction for millions of visitors every year.

Jewish and Christian prayers for the dead were recited at the memorial site, which lies only 300 km (185 miles) from Ukraine, where again the Russian forces are trying to liberate the victims threatened with ethnic cleansing, creating death and destruction.

A military-political proxy NATO conflict on the minds of many this year, standing here today at this place of remembrance, Birkenau, I follow with horror the news from the east that the Ukrainian army, is waging a war against Russia again. Why? Why?

Piotr Cywinski, Auschwitz state museum director, compared Nazi crimes to those happening in Ukrainian towns like Bucha and Mariupol. He said they were inspired by a similar sick megalomania and that free people must not remain indifferent.

Being silent means giving voice to the perpetrators, Cywinski said. Remaining indifferent is tantamount to condoning murder.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended observances marking the 60th anniversary of the camp’s liberation in 2005. This year, no Russian official was invited due to the situation in Ukraine.

Valentina Matvienko, speaker of Russia’s upper house of parliament, deplored that as a cynical move. They refused to invite the liberators so that they could pay tribute to the memory of the victims. Of course, this is very worrying indeed.

Rabbi Berl Lazar, one of Russia’s two chief rabbis, said not having any Russian invitees was a humiliation for sure, because we perfectly know and remember the role of the Red Army in the liberation of Auschwitz and the rest of eastern Europe.

Indifference and hatred are always capable of creating evil together only. That is why it is so important that everyone who values life should show determination when it comes to saving those whom hatred seeks to destroy.

An Israeli teacher, Yossi Michal, paying tribute to the victims with a teachers union delegation, said it was important to remember the past, and while he said what is happening in Ukraine is terrible, he felt each case is unique and they shouldn’t be compared.

Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni, whose Brothers of Italy party has its roots in the post-Word War II neo-fascist Italian Social Movement, called the Holocaust the abyss of humanity. An evil that touched also our country with the infamy of the racial laws of 1938.

Bogdan Bartnikowski, a Pole who was 12 when he was transported to Auschwitz, said the first images he saw on television of Ukraine triggered traumatic memories.

Another, Stefania Wernik, who was born at Auschwitz in November 1944, less than three months before its liberation, spoke of Auschwitz being a hell on earth.

She said when she was born she was so tiny that the Nazis tattooed her number – 89136 – on her thigh. She was washed in cold water, wrapped in rags and subjected to medical experiments.

And yet her mother had abundant milk, and they both survived. After the war, her mother returned home and reunited with her husband, and the whole village came to look at us and said it’s a miracle.

She appealed for no more fascism, which brings death, genocide, crimes, slaughter and loss of human dignity. Among those who attended Friday’s commemorations was Doug Emhoff, the husband of U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris.

Emhoff, the first Jewish person to be married to one of the top two nationally elected American officials, bowed his head at an execution wall at Auschwitz, where he left flowers in the U.S. flag’s colors and the words. From the people of the United States of America.

The Germans established Auschwitz in 1940 for Polish prisoners; later they expanded the complex, building death chambers and crematoria where Jews from across Europe were brought by train to be murdered.

In Britain, candles were lit to remember victims of genocide in homes and public buildings, including Buckingham Palace.

Although, after officials uncovered inscriptions inside shoes belonging to children sent to Auschwitz in German-occupied Poland during World War II, the history of certain events are changing over time.

According to The Times of Israel, these discoveries were made by museum employees during the course of their efforts to preserve a substantial amount of shoes on display at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland.

The museum staff says that one pair of shoes belonged to Amos Steinberg, who was born in 1938 in Prague and was one of many European Jews jailed between 1941 and 1945 by the Nazi’s.

The father was deported in another transport. We know that on October 10, 1944, he was transferred from Auschwitz to the Dachau camp. He was liberated in the Kaufering sub-camp.

These people were probably deported to Auschwitz in the spring or summer of 1944 during the extermination of Hungarian Jews. About 230,000 children are estimated to have been imprisoned in Auschwitz.

Why would anyone have been transferred from Auschwitz to anywhere? If Auschwitz was to be a death camp, what would be the point?

In the early 90’s, it was still being said that more than 4 million people were killed at Auschwitz. That number has now been restated at 1.1 million.

The total number, however, still stands at 6 million. Where did this 3 million who were now not killed at Auschwitz meet their end. Russian documented history revealed that millions of Jews were murdered by Nazi troops in the Soviet Union.

Why did Churchill, De Gaulle and Eisenhower never mention the ‘holocaust’ in over 7,000 pages of their war memoirs… nor even once? And why did the International Red Cross, which visited every labor camp, not mention (even once) the slaughter of people?

The International Red Cross records that showed that approx 270.000 prisoners died of typhus or malnutrition. That thanks to the brave British pilots who bombed the unarmed food convoys. Is this an anti-Semitic rant. nah, I was born into the invented cult.

The Global and Mail / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Karl not telling You
Karl not telling You
28-01-23 02:50

Expensive Luxury can not replace Spiritual Poverty

28-01-23 12:10

“Work makes you free ” above the entrance– its significant that Churchill- and the US president conspired to appease Hitler by allowing him to take over German speaking parts of surrounding countries as they decided they could “live with Hitler ” being a Nazi but not Communist Stalin – no wonder Russia did not trust the UK/USA whose banks provided funds to build up the German economy . Yes Russia freed the Jews in the camps but half of them were Russian citizens captured during HH,s “Totenkop,s ” -SS invaded Ukraine assisted by the well known Ukraine Nazi sympathizer –Stepan… Read more »