With real estate prices and racism on the rise in the capital of Mexico City, Jews are building Ciudad de la Tora to provide observant families and students who cannot afford an apartment in the capital with a safe haven.

The Ciudad de la Tora settlement is being built on an area that was purchased outside the Ixtapan de la Salle town, 120 km south of Mexico City. Living in the promised land becomes less reliable for most Jews as time passes by.

Another reason for establishing the new city is the situation in the capital, which boasts Mexicos’ largest Jewish community. Jewish residents there say their children are also afraid to leave their homes lest they become targets of criminals gangs.

Some 120 houses are to be constructed on the property, all of which have already been registered for only Jewish families. The community held a cornerstone laying ceremony for the community on Sunday.

Some 5,000 residents of Mexico City attended the ceremony, as well as rabbis and Jewish leaders from the USA and some Haredi singers.

The new town draws inspiration from Rabbi Aharon Kotler, who brought several yeshiva students from New York to study in Lakewood, New Jersey, in the 1940’s and turned it into a hub for studying Orthodox Judaism.

Developers plan to build a yeshiva on the site, Torat Eliyahu, and dorms for students to live in. The new community will have representatives of both the Sephardi and Ashkenazi communities, so that only members of other Jewish communities in Mexico could live here.

Recent genetic DNA evidence suggested that both Ashkenazi (Russia)and Sephardi (Spain) bloodlines are of European descend and are not related to the Bloodlines of Abraham.

Israel Hayom / ABC Flash Point Religious Blog News 2021.

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