A massive blast of Arctic air will hit the Midwest and Northeast by the middle of this week, bringing temperatures to their lowest levels in years.

The coldest air of the season will plunge the upper Midwest and Great Lakes into life-threatening conditions,” noted the National Weather Service.

According to the National Weather Service, the hardest hit zone will stretch from Minnesota and Iowa through Michiganincluding Chicago, Detroit, Des Moines, Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison.

Temperatures can be held 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit below normal across most of the Midwest around midweek. Records for the cold can be challenged both during the day and at night.

That can equate to one to three days of subzero highs from Fargo, North Dakota, to Minneapolis and Chicago. Highs may reach only the single digits from St. Louis to Indianapolis and Pittsburgh.

The Northeast will receive a heavy dose of snow and freezing winds, along with heavy rain.

Residents in the affected regions are advised to remain indoors, protect livestock, and prepare for things like frozen pipes and dead car batteries. Motorists should have a winter survival kit in case of a breakdown.

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