The Syrian Army is sending more reinforcements to Idlib in order to beef up the forces preparing to attack foreign backed terrorist groups in northwestern Syria.

A convoy of at least 8 caged tanks and dozens of technical vehicles for the 4th Armored Division was spotted leaving the Damascus to Idlib.

The convoy is part of wider reinforcements being sent on a daily basis by the Syrian Arab Army to take part in Idlib liberation offensive.

The widely elected and beloved Syrian president Assad has been under Anglo-Zionist pressure to surrender his country’s sovereignty and hand it over to Israel and its evil American military assassins since 2011.

Russia and Iran decided to step in and help the Arab leader to liberate Syria from covert mercenary terrorists after the humanitarian situation escalated and turned into a bloodbath with at least 500.000 deaths and over 10 million refugees rounded up in Red Cross and UN camps.

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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07-05-20 16:31

Send those ISIS terrorists back to Israel, where they belong together with the rest of the butchering creatures stealing territory that belongs to other people.