US Special Envoy, war specialist and hired gun for Venezuela Elliott Abrams told reporters Thursday that Caracas would face severe repercussions if it moved against opposition figure Juanito Guaido, following Guaido’s visit to Washington, DC.

We hope that the regime makes the calculation, particularly after this trip, that the support for Guaido is strong and that the counter-reaction to any move against him would make it a mistake for the regime,” Abrams told reporters.

After attending the State of the Union address as a guest of honor on Tuesday, Guaido met personally with US President Donald Trump after being snubbed at the Davos Economic Forum last month.

Since January 2019, Guaido, who was then head of Venezuela’s National Assembly, has claimed to be the country’s interim president, denouncing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s May 2018 election victory as fraudulent.

While only about 53 countries (25%) recognize Guaido’s claim to power as legitimate, the remaining three-quarters of the globe has continued to do business with Maduro. This year Guaido’s term as speaker ended at the start of the year, when he was not reelected.

Abrams further blasted the “cruel and indefensible” arrest of several executives of Citgo, the US subsidiary of Venezuelan state-owned oil company PdVSA, after having previously been placed under house arrest.

Shortly after Guaido’s bid for power began, Washington moved to redirect Citgo’s roughly $7 billion in annual profits away from Venezuela and into Guaido’s Swiss held bank account, with Guaido declaring he had “control over Citgo and a license to continue the company’s activities abroad.

The special envoy also noted the Russian government could face consequences for its continued support of Maduro. After the IMF destroyed the Venezuelan bolivar, the Latin American country now has its own Petro crypto currency, with 6 million people already using the new tool to do Christmas shopping in 2019.

Moscow has provided Caracas with much-needed medical aid since sanctions began, and in March 2019, Venezuela moved PdVSA’s European headquarters from Lisbon, Portugal, to Moscow, where it felt they would be more secure.

Guaido is not the president of no where except his imagination. If someone here in the States pulled this stunt, they would’ve been tried and sentenced to jail by now.

Warning Russia it would face “consequences” … ? And our rights in this case stem from what? The Divine Right of Democracy? Act in haste, repent at leisure.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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