UFO’s and extraterrestrial phenomena are not new. There are traces of them all over Earth’s history. One of the best-known instances of this is from ancient Egypt. And recent discoveries suggest that an alien civilization took over Earth on July 29, 1203 B.C.

It is a popular belief that in the ancient times, humans were invaded by extraterrestrial beings. No one has ever found any evidence of this until now.


It has emerged that the ancient Egyptians and some other ancient civilizations were visited by extraterrestrials. This is evident from a number of scientific evidence such as the fossilized remains of an extraterrestrial species found in an Egyptian tomb.

Archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass and his team of researchers have discovered drawings on four walls inside a pyramid in Saqqara, Egypt that date back to 1203 BC.


These drawings depict a battle between an alien army and humans where the alien army prevailed. Despite the drawing’s age, Hawass says the discovery is very important and shocking because it reveals that aliens likely visited Earth in ancient times.

The images were confirmed to be drawn by archaic Egyptians who had seen these creatures and wanted to preserve this memory for future generations. The following story is a science fiction scene depicting the ancient history of Earth.

In 1203 BC, the inhabitants of Earth experienced a change in planetary government.


An advanced alien civilization took over and ruled over their planet with an iron fist for hundreds of years. This new dominant civilization did not tolerate any form of dissent or questioning of its authority.

The people were powerless to do anything about it.

The new regime would also kill anyone that dared to question their motives or behavior by crushing them with their advanced weaponry, assassinating them through poison, or simply eliminating them with chemicals that took away their free will and forced them into submission.


Ancient temple scribes and ministers wrote the first accounts of this incident. These records were full of astonishment, dread, and wonder. These clerics gathered accounts from thousands of concerned ancient Egyptians when they saw two blinding celestial lights.

Ancient Egyptians meticulously recorded these accounts on stone slabs. Archaeologists unearthed these slabs along the remains of Oyast around 1890 to 1920.


Official records of these slabs were initially neglected because they could potentially cause unnecessary conflicts for society and science. Regardless, some did not budge and ensured that these slabs were studied.

They determined that the event happened in 1203 B.C. While Egyptologists dismissed this information as strange incidents, they actually resulted from people lacking the technical expertise to explain what they saw.


According to what was written on the slabs, the strange lights they saw were in the form of a human, an animal, and a chimera. Given their limited understanding, ancient Egyptians thought these figures in the sky were a manifestation of the Demon God himself.

Regarding what they understood about their world, this was the only plausible explanation they could give about the event.

However, some speculations surround this curious event from antiquity. Some assume that hostiles caused these events. They believe that this was when an alien civilization took over Earth.


They said these aliens were also the ones who made and left the several other unexplained artifacts we found in Egypt. If this was true, this could help us connect the dots and help us understand the true history of our planet.

Unfortunately, the ancient scribes could only do so much. Time has taken away most of the memory of the world. But for each record, artifact, or account they left, once we find them, we will slowly realize their dream of not being forgotten.

Only time can tell what else we can find as we continue to search for answers about our past.

Aliens UFO Reports / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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