Former Director of the Israel Missile Defense Organization, Uzi Rubin has revealed in an interview that Saudi air defenses, namely Patriot systems, failed to repel the combined drone and missile attack on the country’s oil facilities in September due to the aerial assailants flying below the horizon.

When it comes to missiles, missile defense sensors will aim above the horizon because the missile is above it and you don’t want clutter. So when it comes to guarding, the issue is that things that can sneak in low near the ground.

Rubin said that it’s difficult to close this radar “gap”, through which low-flying objects can slip, but not impossible. He added that all the Saudis need to do is establish proper local defenses.

Battle-proven Russian Pantsir S1 systems with dual 2A38M 30 millimeter automatic cannons equipped with infrared direction finders would do the trick.

Russia has been successfully using Pantsirs to repel frequent massive drone attacks on its Hmeymim base in Syria carried out by militant groups.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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