Members of the African Peace Initiative mission will travel to Ukraine and Russia next week to present their road to peace plan to the leaders of the two countries, the Brazzaville Foundation, an NGO facilitating the trip, announced on Wednesday.

The seven-member delegation is scheduled to be in Kiev on June 16 where they will meet President Vladimir Zelensky, the NGO said. The group will then be received by Russian president Vladimir Putin in Saint Petersburg on June 17, it stated.,g_south_east,l_mediacorp:tdy:watermark:2021-10:reuters,w_0.1/f_auto,q_auto/c_fill,g_auto,h_622,w_830/v1/one-cms/core/2023-06-10t144440z_1_lynxmpej5904k_rtroptp_3_ukraine-crisis-safrica.jpg?resize=696%2C522&ssl=1

The African peace delegation will visit Kiev and Moscow, the Brazzaville Foundation has confirmed. Heads of state from South Africa, Comoros, the Republic of Congo, Uganda, Senegal, Zambia, and Egypt are leading the peace effort.

The African leaders held discussions earlier this week to explore ways of bringing an end to the conflict in Ukraine and agreed to visit both Moscow and Kiev in mid-June.

They also put their respective foreign ministers in charge of finalizing the elements of a potential roadmap to peace.

The Kremlin said on Wednesday that President Putin had agreed to host the group during a phone conversation with his South African counterpart.

South Africa’s presidency confirmed in a statement on Thursday that the Russian leader welcomed the initiative by African Heads of State and expressed his desire to receive the peace mission.

The South African government also stated last month that Zelensky had approved of the initiative and consented to host the leaders.

RT. com / ABC Flash-Point News 2023.

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10-06-23 13:29

It will be interesting indeed to discover the Delegates’ opinion of the drug addict Zinskilli and his integrity, or lack of it in his ambitions for building on his record of War Crimes….Ain’t going to be any Fooling of these guys….they are the Business….

High Speed
High Speed
Reply to  Devilliers
10-06-23 13:31

comment image

10-06-23 13:30

The Seven African presidents need to remember, Russia has to de-Nazi-ficade all Ukraine, otherwise there will never be peace.

10-06-23 15:31

Like the “Grain initiative ” which denies Russia its part in it and other “initiatives” that proclaim much but deliver for Russia Zero as well as the “Iran Initiatives ” which are really a con to get Iran to give in –this latest one should be presented to the USA/UK/EU NOT !!! Russia but every country in the world knows the USA would not accept anybody proposing anything against its “WW3 Agenda ” . Ignore it Mr.Putin another sly con made to look benign but is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing ” . I have now started getting scam emails… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Donnchadh
Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
Reply to  Donnchadh
10-06-23 16:17

Wow, what a sign of weakness?